Students, faculty gather in LLC to discuss recent national events


Samantha Fredberg

Students and faculty met to discuss the effect of the Las Vegas shooting and Hurricane Maria during X-block Thursday, Oct. 5 in the library.
The conversation, facilitated by principal Henry Turner, provided room for the community to share thoughts and emotions following the tragic events.
“I was hoping for a community event, just for people to come together,” Turner said. “We feel better when we are together.”
Students raised concerns over future safety and discussed past tragedies such as the Boston Marathon bombing, the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting, and the September 11 attacks. Counselors assured students that tragedies are possibilities, but have low probabilities.
“There were so many tragic events over the last couple of weeks, and if we did a moment of silence every day, that would really put us all down,” Turner said. He explained that the meeting was an effective way to share concerns and feelings in a safe space.