Students campaign for representative positions in class elections


photo by Jonathan Cohen

Samantha Fredberg

Filled with determination and hope, 35 students campaign for the election of the 2017-2018 school year class officers.
Students may run for president, vice-president, or SFA representative. Election assemblies, in which candidates give speeches, will be held throughout the week.
According to sophomore Maya Matthews, a candidate for president, student government is essential to maintain connections and community throughout the grade.
Students run for student government positions in order to have a voice among their peers and to see their visions come to life, according to math teacher Rachel Mingos, who oversees the election process.
“A school’s purpose is to educate students,” said freshman Dina Gorelik, a candidate for SFA representative. “If the school is not working for us, it’s not doing its job.”
According to Matthews, the role of student government officials is to make school comfortable for all students and to host events to enhance student life.
“My favorite moment is when I see kids smiling and having fun at the student council events,” Matthews said. “Their contentment verifies that all the love and hard work we put into the Class of 2019 is worth every minute.”
In order to run for any position, students must get a nomination paper signed by 50 classmates to ensure that they have support from their peers, according to Mingos. In the campaigning period students may promote themselves with posters, but are not allowed to bribe voters with candy or other goods.
“Student government is a great way for students to get involved,” said Mingos. “It is an opportunity for students to make decisions for and about the school.”