'Book Your Valentine' system at LLC sends students anonymous book reccomendations


Photo by Wendy Li

Samantha Fredberg

Not only should you send a card for Valentine’s Day, send a book to say how you feel!
“If you are really into books and care about someone else, it’s a really cute idea,” said junior Susanna Hamel.
The Library Learning Commons (LLC) has created the “Book Your Valentine” activity for students to express admiration for a peer through a book recommendation, according to library teacher Lauren Italiano.
“In order to participate, you fill out the form with your name and make a recommendation of a book for a friend, or more than a friend,” Italiano said. “The part of the form with your name is cut off and entered in a raffle,” she added. The LLC will be awarding two prizes from this raffle at the end of February.
This is the first “Book Your Valentine” the LLC has planned, but it is likely to continue in following years, according to Italiano. “It’s just a fun activity to get kids in the library and reading,” she said.
The recommendation can be kept anonymous, and students can recommend any genre, not only romantic novels, according to Italiano.
“It is a clever idea for people who don’t really have the courage to go up to the people that they admire. It can all be secret,” said junior Erynn Wakefield.
Recommendations will be delivered to students during homeroom throughout the month of February. Once a student receives a recommendation, they may show it to a library teacher to have their name entered in the raffle, according to Italiano.