Summer renovations transform TV Production studio


Tali Falk-Judson

After years of planning, the TV Production studio has been renovated to better accommodate the growing numbers of students who have signed up to take the class, according to career and technical education teacher Scott Dunlop.
“We finally have our own classroom space,” said Dunlop.
“Before, we would have to borrow a classroom from the English or [world] language departments, but our equipment would remain behind which was a big hassle,” Dunlop added.
The construction, which began Aug. 9, concluded on Saturday, Sept. 4, said career and technical education teaching assistant Amanda Mazzola.
“The sad fact is we’ve already outgrown this building, and classroom space is at a premium so for us to be able to have our own little area is a big deal,” said Mazzola.
“This new space will give the kids a place they can call home. Somewhere they can come to, not just for class, but before and after school, too,” Dunlop added.
“Now we have a lot more space,” said sophomore Nicholas Quintana.
The room, which consists of a classroom, a production room and a planning room, makes use of space that was previously occupied by walls.
“It flows from the classroom to editing room to planning,” Quintana added.
With over a two hundred percent increase in students over the past four years, Dunlop says that TV had to prove that they deserved the improvements. “We were an experiment, but students have loved this class and we now have eight different sections all taking TV.”