New leaders to represent the Class of 2020


Samantha Fredberg

by Samantha Fredberg
Newly elected officers of the Class of 2020 student government expressed excitement and optimism for the school year following the election, Thursday, Oct. 6.
President Vishaan Shetty vice presidents Dayla Depina, Anabel Marré, Myles Murphy, and Andy Wu, and SFA representatives Aneel Chittilappily, Josh Lev, and Sophia Zhou with alternate SFA representative Rebecca Longo comprise the freshman student government.
“This year we want to bring the student body together and make sure that everyone’s thoughts are brought forward,” said Marré.
The new class leaders said they are filled with new ideas and high hopes for the coming year. According to Shetty, his goal for the year is to implement new changes in leadership and community within the Class of 2020 and Newton North as a whole.  
At the moment, the leaders are beginning to plan their fundraisers to meet their goal of funding their junior and senior proms.
“We have to plan for the future for our spring dance and other events and make sure our fundraisers are planned out in an orderly fashion so that we meet our goal,” said Shetty.  
In addition to fundraising for dances, the student government represents the class’ goals and needs to administration and the rest of Newton North, according to sophomore class president Maya Matthews.
“I really wanted to implement the changes that I wanted to see in our school and freshen up our fundraising to get away from the traditional bake sales, and make it more interesting,” Shetty said.
According to Shetty, it is necessary for kids of each middle school to come together as one grade. “I’m looking forward to getting to know my classmates, because so far I only know the kids from Day Middle School,”