Class of 2017 holds lottery for Principal Turner's Parking Spot


Blake Krantz

by Blake Krantz
Amid popular criticism among many upperclassmen about the lack of parking spaces surrounding the school, the Class of 2017 student government is holding a lottery for Principal Henry Turner’s valuable parking space behind the building.
The lucky winner will have rights to the spot for two weeks in October.
“I thought it was a fun idea,” Turner said. “If the class feels that it was a successful fundraiser, maybe we will do it again.”
In the meantime, Turner explained that he will be parking somewhere else near the loading dock, but his new parking spot is still to be determined.
“We just want to be careful as a community to make sure that if we are frustrated about something, we address it in a positive way,” said Turner, when asked about the parking issue.
He explained that additional student parking is available further down Lowell Street, or, potentially, in the parking spot in his name.