What are your goals now that the school year is almost over?

The Newtonite

by Laura Schmidt-Hong
Tiger Question: What are your goals now that the school year is almost over?
“I want to get the highest grades this term and do well on my finals.”
– Freshman Isabella Ceriani
“I want to try to study for finals ahead of time because these are my first real finals — I want to feel prepared.”
– Freshman Hayoung Song
“Pass my classes with good grades.”
– Sophomore Joanna Mandinova
“Do as well as I can on my finals — they’re a huge chunk of your grade. I’m teetering between an A-minus and an A or a B-plus and an A-minus in every one of my four main classes. So getting an A instead of an A-minus would be awesome.”
– Junior Ryan Steele
“Finish off strong. Get good grades for term four.”
– Junior Camila Aro
“I guess just keep studying for finals, make sure I know everything.”
– Sophomore Kyle Bloom
“To make it through finals.”
– Junior Lincoln Sung
“To hang out with my senior friends before they leave for college.”
– Junior Rebecca Bianchi
“To pass finals.”
– Junior Kim Lannery
“To get through junior year without things going off a cliff — to get through the year successfully.”
– Junior Rachel Leighton
“To study on my finals and do well.”
– Junior Kate McGuire
“I think my sole goal for the rest of the year is to study enough to get decent grades on my finals.”
– Freshman Eve Martin