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Tiger Question: How important is it to protect our environment?

by Laura Schmidt-Hong
Tiger Question: How important is it to protect our environment?
“I think it’s really important, and people don’t take it seriously enough.”
– Junior Molly Devine
“It is very important because if we don’t, there won’t be a world for us to live in.”
– Freshman Alina Zheng
“Pretty important.”
– Junior Anthony Davila
“I think protecting our environment is something that needs to be done for future generations. People don’t try to do things to help the environment because they think it’s a problem that doesn’t affect them. If each generation protected the environment for the generation to follow, the world would be a better place.”
– Freshman Lauren Gobler
“It’s very important.”
– Sophomore Diana Kheao
“It’s very important because without the environment, we don’t have a place to live.”
– Junior Gabe Snow
“It’s important. We rely on it a lot, and if something goes wrong, there will be negative effects.”
– Sophomore Esther Itkis
“It’s very important because we want a safe atmosphere.”
– Freshman Sam Kingsley
“Super important.”
– Senior Cole Brightbill
“It’s very important, because that’s our future. We only have one shot to make it right, and it we don’t fix it, our future generation will be in trouble.”
– Freshman Dylan Judge

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