E.J. Beech Wins Mr. 016 Pageant


Maya Waldman

by Maya Waldman
Mr. ‘016, an all-senior male beauty pageant and talent show, took place Thursday night at 7 p.m. in the little theater. Faculty judges announced E.J. Beech as Mr. ‘016, who won two free senior prom tickets after two rounds of competition.
The competitors, chosen by the Class of 2016, were Beech, Alex Vrahas, Kevin Zhao, Rauf Sunyaev, Conor Larkin, and Aaron Schwartz.
The judges were science teacher Jodie Cohen, math teacher Vu Ha, and history teacher Albert Cho.
The hosts, Brad Davis and Sam Shereda announced contestants and introduced each competition round.
The competition consisted of two parts: the interview stage, where the competitors were asked questions about themselves, and the talent stage, where each competitor displayed one of their unique talents.
The talents included stand-up comedy, piano playing, singing, Russian jokes, and even gruesome watermelon eating.
As the judges debated which of the contestants would walk away with two free senior prom tickets, a group dance involving all of the competitors occurred, including acrobatics such as somersaults and handstands.
According to Cohen, the judges were looking for “a well-rounded person. We wanted somebody who was funny, talented, and in general, a crowd-pleaser.”