Students to take makeup SAT after proctoring mistake


Maya Waldman

by Maya Waldman
Students taking the SAT were accidentally given extra time in a testing session administered at Newton South Saturday, March 5, and no makeup test has yet been announced, worrying many who need to retake the test.
According to junior Sophie Cohen, who took the test, all scores from the test are to be disregarded, and a makeup test will be issued for any students who took the previous one.
The proctor of the test unintentionally gave students ten additional minutes to complete section three of the test, the math section, said Cohen. “She lost track of time, I guess,” said junior
Natalie Chow.
According to Chow, when the proctor noticed that she had run over time, she called the office to see what she should do. “One of the ladies on the staff of the College Board came into our room to explain what protocol should be followed,” said Cohen.
“I’m pretty annoyed,” said Chow. “They haven’t notified us about anything yet, and our scores don’t even count.”
“About a third into the fourth section, a lady from the office came and told us that we needed to be dismissed, and announced that we will be notified about what happens next,” said Chow. “We still haven’t been notified.”
Cohen had a different approach to the blunder; “I would have preferred that this hadn’t happened, but I suppose I can think of this as an opportunity to practice taking the new test.”