Tiger Question: How many hours of homework do you typically have every night?

The Newtonite

by Laura Schmidt­-Hong
Tiger Question: How many hours of homework do you typically have every night? Do you think you are assigned too much?
“Usually around two to three hours. I think in some classes, it’s more, but overall, it’s a fair amount.”
– Freshman Alison Wong
“Typically three-and-a-half-hours of homework every night. Mostly because I take four APs—of course, I would enjoy having less.
– Senior Rafael Rajas
“For me, it’s tough to say, because it varies. Being a senior, I have some classes with more than one grade level in which the homework is fairly consistent. Other classes fluctuate, but I’d say sometimes it’s a little much. It’s more important to be able to get it and understand the material in class so you know what you’re doing at home. Lots of kids also have things outside of school, and it’s hard to find free time, especially before the end of the term when you have way too much homework. The homework level should stay consistent, and I don’t like the fact that the fluctuations happen.
– Senior Sean Buonomo
“It’s difficult because I’m a junior and have to study for the SATs, SAT subject tests, and AP tests. Usually I get it done pretty quickly, in about two to three hours—that’s with two APs, three honors, and one ACP. So not too much—it’s pretty manageable.”
– Junior Fred King
“I would say two hours every night—it’s average.
– Senior Alexis Lujares
“I generally have around two to three hours of homework every night. It depends on whether or not you have extracurriculars—if you have lots of outside activities, it can be too much.”
– Freshman Alina Zheng
“It could be around four to five hours. Some days it’s a little too much.”
– Junior Palak Patel
“I would say around two hours, about 30 minutes for every class.”
– Freshman Katie Zhao
“Four to five, and too much, I guess.”
– Junior Izzy Sullivan
“I do around two hours of homework a night, and I do not think it is too much.”
– Freshman Cassandra D’Agostino