Boys' Indoor places first in shot put at All-State Meet


The Newtonite

by Jonathan Cohen
Boys’ Indoor Track finished fourth in the All-State Meet Saturday. The team potentially could have finished as high as second in the meet if it had won the 4×400 meet, according to senior Jonathan Minkin, a captain with seniors Eddy Acuna, Jared Prior, Alex Montague and Siddharth Nizamuddin.
Acuna won the shot put, and Prior finished second in the long jump. The 4×200 relay came in fourth and the 4×400 came in sixth at the meet.
“I’m very happy,” said Acuna. “I was predicted to come in third or maybe second, and I ended up winning it all. I worked really hard, and my coach helped a lot.”
The team didn’t do as well as they expected to overall, according to Minkin, but he said that there were still a couple of standout individual performances, particularly Acuna’s and Prior’s, as well as the 4×200, 4×400, and 4×800 relays.
Acuna added that, “We had a really great season. We finished our 18th undefeated season for the league. We did not win the whole meet, but it was close.”  Acuna also emphasized the fact that “everyone was supportive of people that didn’t do so well,” a “great” dynamic to see at the last meet of the season.