What is your new year's resolution?

Nour Chahboun

by Nour Chahboun
Tiger Question: What is your new year’s resolution?
Probably to eat healthier.
-Senior Yohanna Georgis
I want to run faster.
-Sophomore Cody Kotake
My new year’s resolution is to start getting 8 hours of sleep each night.
-Sophomore Charlotte Silver
Mine is to be more organized, do my homework right after school, and to clean my room regularly.
-Freshman Rose Skylstad
I want to be more open and confident in myself so I can be able to enjoy things more.
-Freshman Kallee Federmnn
To get good grades.
-Junior Anthony Curtis
I’d like to get fit in 2016.
-Sophomore Asal Heydarpour
I want to be more open minded and nice.
-Sophomore Olivia Struth
Mine is to take more risks.
-Freshman Maimonuna Sarr
My new year’s resolution is to explore the world.
-Freshman Naioa Ahmed
In 2016, I want to sleep more and give up on school in the second semester.
-Senior Griffin Kadar