Which teacher do you want to have before you graduate?

Nour Chahboun

by Nour Chahboun
Tiger Question: Which teacher do you want to have before you graduate?
Mr. Patelis because I had him for freshman study and he hates freshmen, so it ended up being a really funny study.
-Junior Liana Glenon
I love Adam Brown so I guess him.
-Sophomore Rachel Stoia
Adam Brown because because Rachel told me so.
-Sophomore Clare Donohoe
Ms. Albert because she is a very positive teacher.
-Freshman Sharene Suriel
Mr. Sancho.
-Senior Nikita Rieboba
I’ve already had all the good teachers.
-Senior Vona Etheridge
Mr. Patelis.
-Sophomore Sloan Ackerley
Mr. Patelis.
-Junior Julian Perez-Dietz
Mr. Gagne because he is nice and has a chill teaching style.
-Sophomore Sheil Mehta
Ms. Richardson.
-Freshman Angelo Vischiano
Mr. Vig because he is hilarious.
-Sophomore Julia Tolshansky
Mr. Cho.
-Freshman Mica Crawford
Mr. Vig.
-Junior Kyle Mulvaney
Mr. Bennett because he is my homeroom teacher. I like Ms. Brooks too.
-Sophomore Nathan Alfred
Ms. Atkinson.
-Freshman Lilly Hacsi
Mr. Patelis.
-Junior Jordan Weiner