Student Faculty Administration to focus on No Homework weekend, recycling


The Newtonite

by Cate Waters
This year, the Student Faculty Administration (SFA) hopes to brainstorm ideas to promote recycling in this building, continue to serve the school community, and evaluate the No Homework bill, as there are “some things that need to be tweaked,” according to senior Sophia Ly, an SFA member.
Sophomore Max Teszler, an SFA member, elaborated and said that “the parents and the kids are really happy with the no homework weekend, and the teachers are more or less okay with it. Since we’ve finished and implemented the homework free Wednesdays/weekends, there is a lot of things we could do.”
For example, the SFA hopes to establish a recycling program at this school, according to Teszler. “Some people have organized a recycling club, and Mr. Aronson is coming up with some ideas himself,” he said.
Senior Benjamin Cole, an SFA member, said, “The Student Faculty Administration is a policy-making body for the school in which students, and teachers unite to identify problems in the school, and propose solutions to better our community. It was created in 1988 and continues to empower students and improve the school to this day.
This year, especially, Cole said that the SFA “wants to be the board that makes this community better, and we can do that by making sure students know that they can come to us with concerns, ideas, or solutions.”