Are you involved in any North afterschool activities?

Nour Chahboun

by Nour Chahboun
Tiger Question: Are you involved in any North afterschool activities?
I will do tennis in the spring.
-Sophomore Franny Burke
-Senior Logan Stark
I’m in Theatre Ink’s production, “An Ideal Husband”.
-Sophomore Sydney Koo
I am on the dance team.
-Junior Shay Rhodes
I do athletic training.
-Junior Sophia Moore
Yes, I play soccer and it is super fun.
-Sophomore Alex Crystal
Although it isn’t a North sport, I’m on the rowing team.
-Senior Ari Streeter
I do cross country, nordic skiing, hiking club, and tigerdocs.
-Sophomore Victoria Joseph
I do cross country.
-Freshman Faith Ellis
I’m in Theatre Ink, squash club, and body positivity club.
-Sophomore Emma Richmond
No, I’m not.
-Sophomore Julia Tolshansky
-Freshman Amy Kaluzhny
No, sorry.
-Senior Everett Gilpin
I play ball.
-Sophomore Ethan Wright
I do cheerleading.
-Junior Brena Brasiel
I do ultimate frisbee.
-Sophomore Ben Beizer
I’m in anime manga.
-Sophomore Maya Dun
I sing a lot.
-Junior Natalie Mcmillen