Police increase presence at school in wake of threat


The Newtonite

by Jacob Sims Speyer
Police from the City of Newton have had an increased presence within and around North since the start of school due to an unnamed “internet threat.” The increased security measures include officers posted at the main entrance and theater entrance, among other actions taken by the City.
“I think the police have done a fabulous job,” said interim principal Mark Aronson.
Yet despite the possibility for the police presence to be “disconcerting” for students, as an email sent to parents recognized, Aronson believed that “yesterday was a pretty normal opening day.” He noted that the officers are members of the North community as well, which made the presence of police less jarring.
The initial information was sent in an email Sept. 3 to the Newton Public Schools community by superintendent David Fleishman. According to the email, the decision to increase police presence was made jointly between the Mayor’s Office, the Newton Public Schools, and the Newton Police Department.
“I feel like people came together in a spirit of cooperation with an understanding that the police are professionals,” said Aronson.
Aronson is unsure how much longer police will be present in the building. “We trust them completely to make the appropriate judgements,” he noted.