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If you could have a superpower what would it be?

by Nour Chahboun
Tiger Question: If you could have a superpower what would it be?
To get rid of all the hatred in the world.
-Cafeteria staff Lilian Duest
I want telekinesis.
-Freshman Alisa Caira
Superspeed because while you’re running everyone gets frozen.
-Freshman Evyatar Gershon
I choose omnipotence which is the ability to make thoughts become reality.
-Junior Bobby Binnall
-Freshman Jonathan Champion
-Junior Shawn Ashby
To eat as much as I want without ever getting fat.
-Freshman Sarah MacGaffey
Teleportation so I can teleport to homeroom.
-Freshman Juliana Standish
To make everyone a billionaire.
-Riley House Secretary Maura Roberts
Mind reading.
-Freshman Julia Tolshansky
Read minds.
-Sophomore Nattalya Brown
The power to put thoughts into people’s minds.
-Freshman Ian Reid
To be able to tell what you’re thinking.
-Staff John Staulo
To be in two places at once.
-Freshman Maddie Mehrez
-Freshman Shruti Krishnanachari
To immediately grow a fruit tree.
-Freshman Miranda Eng

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