What is one thing you are looking forward to doing this Spring?

Nour Chahboun

by Nour Chahboun
Tiger Question: What is one thing you are looking forward to doing this Spring?
I’m looking forward to chilling outside.
-Sophomore Haley McKee
Traveling to Dallas.
-Sophomore Sayawhi Lassiter
Spring sports.
-Freshman Caleb Butler
Writing fan fiction during my free time so I can later write my own books and hopefully publish them.
-Junior Bobby Binnall
Being able to stay outside later since it gets dark around 8 p.m.
-Freshman Sophie Magidson
Spending time with my new grandson
-Cafeteria Staff Lilian Duest
I am looking forward to building my new Cape house.
-Freshman Julia Tolshansky
We are looking forward to graduating.
-Seniors Kourtney Laughrea and Erin Phiney
Not dying because of pollen. Oh my gosh I need Claritin.
-Freshman Carrieanne Mamba
I’m looking forward to the Jubilee Spring concert.
-Junior Swabira Mayanja
Completing freshman year.
-Freshman Michael Lee
Working with little kids at a daycare.
-Sophomore Shay Rhodes
I’m looking forward to the warm weather at the end of the school year.
-Freshman Sophie Chalfin-Jacobs
Hanging with friends.
-Sophomore Isaiah Aponte
-Senior Peter Diamond
I’m looking forward to art mornings on fridays.
-Sophomore Dominic Ruisi
Warm weather.
-Sophomore Kyle Kalil
Sleep and the lack of ice.
-Freshman SeungYeop Kang
Going outside.
-Freshman Andy Samuels
I was looking forward to soccer but then I broke my foot. It’s been broken for three months.
-Freshman Alex Crystal
Playing soccer and skydiving.
-Freshman Cameron Mastoras