Tiger Question: What will you be doing if you have a snow day tomorrow?

Nour Chahboun

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I’m not gonna lie: I will probably going to be playing in the snow.

–freshman Maddie Cutone


I will be reading and knitting, not shoveling.

-librarian Annette Tate


I will study for my math midyear.

–junior Louisa Barreto


I’m going to chill at home and play with my baby brother.

–junior Jackie Ho


I will sleep and shovel.

–seniors Mary Cugini and Ariana Incorvati


I’m going to stay at home.

–sophomore Ivan Liu


I will watch tv and catch up on sleep.

–junior Victoria Spitaels


I’m going to be studying and sleeping.

–junior Bersabel Yifru


I’ll be sleeping in and I’ll probably be forced to shovel some snow.

–junior Victoria Yong


I will be watching a lot of Netflix.

–senior Asya Grozdanova


I guess I will catch up on my homework.

–senior Polina Feschenko


I will be studying for the physics midyear and playing in the snow.

–freshman Esther Itkis


I am going to be working on my junior thesis.

–junior Sophie Pels