Obituary: Elisabeth Scharlack leaves legacy of success in East Asian Studies class

The Newtonite

by Maya Metser and Maya Abou-Rizk
Ms. Elisabeth Scharlack, born in Brookline, MA, died Monday, Jan. 5, at age 69. She had been a history teacher at this school for 11 years after working at Wellesley College. 
According to colleague history department head Jonathan Bassett, Ms. Scharlack was “energetic and funny and always worked very hard for her students and for the department.”
Bassett remembers Ms. Scharlack’s fondness of art and culture. “She always incorporated them into her classes,” he said. 
Ms. Scharlack was a passionate traveller, sending Bassett “little tchotchkes from everywhere, even after she retired,” he said. 
Ms. Scharlack’s legacy is clear in the East Asian Studies class, according to Bassett. “[The class] has her influence all over it. She was a longtime teacher of that course, and contributed greatly to its success.”
According to Ms. Scharlack’s obituary in the Boston Globe, services were held at Levine Chapels in Brookline last Friday afternoon.