Review: Freshman Cabaret performs collection of dynamic skits, numbers


The Newtonite

Photo by Josh Shub-Seltzer.
Photo by Josh Shub-Seltzer.

by Maya Abou-Rizk and Jessica Tharaud
Dressed all in black with a pop of color, sixty freshmen take the stage, prepared to give their all in a performance to remember. The students performed a collection of 29 skits, dances, and songs in the annual production Freshman Cabaret, directed by sophomores Olivia Dundon-Duvall, Anastasia Foley, Zoe Jasper, and Yael Soran. The show provides freshmen a chance to perform onstage as an introduction to this school’s Theatre Ink program. Freshman Cabaret will run today and tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. in the auditorium.
In a heartfelt and charming performance, the entire cast gathered onstage for the opening number, “Sing” by My Chemical Romance. Accompanied by an exciting dance piece, the first song showcased a variety of abilities in a great start to the show.
Photo by Josh Shub-Seltzer.
Photo by Josh Shub-Seltzer.

Cast members performed superbly in a variety of skits. In one, freshman Jonathan Champion comedically portrayed the role of an erratic teenager. His character calls his friend for help on a challenging math test and freaks out when he must decide what flavor of soda to buy. However, when Chloe—played by freshman Abby Richmond—walks by, Champion’s voice suddenly deepens and his manner changes, acting suave and cool. All in all, Champion, Richmond, and freshmen Finn Flaherty, Dustin Ledgard, and Sophia Wilcox-Warren did a great job in really taking the scene to the next level. Comical and well-acted, this skit was a clear standout of the night.
The first act came to a close with what began as an a cappella rendition of Phillip Phillips’s “Gone, Gone, Gone.” Then, the entire cast reassembled onstage for a dance number, featuring a short tap dance segment that demonstrated the talent and versatility of the performers.
A thoroughly entertaining show, Freshman Cabaret displayed the tremendous effort and skill of every person who participated.
Tickets are $7 and can be purchased online or during all lunches.