Preview: Theatre Ink takes 'Freaky Friday' plot to a whole new level


The Newtonite

pby Maya Abou-Rizk
Everyone loves the classic movie Freaky Friday. In the film, a mother and her daughter switch bodies. Theatre Ink takes this classic plot to a whole new level with “Prelude to a Kiss,” directed by seniors Natalie Burr and Natalie Tereshchenko.
“Prelude to a Kiss,” is a “funny, heartbreaking, and sweet” show, according to Tereshchenko. It will run from Wednesday, Dec. 10 until Saturday, Dec. 13 at 7:30 p.m. in the little theatre.
The play follows Rita Boyle and Peter Hoskins, played by junior Caroline Kaler and senior Jelani Asim, respectively, a young couple who decide to get married. On their wedding day, a mysterious old man kisses Rita and their bodies switch. Rita is now a young woman in a dying old man’s body.
During the couple’s honeymoon, Peter begins to realize that his new wife is acting odd, and becomes aware of the soul-switch that has occurred. As he attempts to save his wife’s life, “the audience sees how love can overcome anything,” according to Tereshchenko.
The play will be accompanied by live music, with the jazz band performing onstage alongside the actors.
According to Burr, the play is relatable to high school students because it “touches upon love, sex, and being afraid of getting old.”
Burr added that she is most proud of her actors because of their commitment and hard work. “Each actor has given it their all. And each character is becoming so complex and three-dimensional, which is incredibly difficult to achieve.”
“The show is new and exciting, and is a must-see!” said Tereshchenko.