Tiger Question: ACT Aspire


The Newtonite

Last Saturday’s ACT Aspire test ran three hours over what students and parents expected. Graphic by Maria Trias.

by Isabel Joyce
Expecting a three hour practice test for the ACTs, sophomore students took the ACT Aspire test Saturday, Nov. 1.
The test actually required double the amount of time, during which students were not able to eat or drink, as listed on the requirements for the test day.
In a letter of apology sent out to all students who participated in the test, Head of Guidance Beth Swederskas said that the school “went out on a limb” by offering the new test, only to receive a “negative experience from start to finish.”
Tiger Question: What did you think of the ACT Aspire test?
The ACT Aspire test was a worthless, frustrating piece of trash.
-sophomore Julianna Lakomski
I thought it was a waste of time but didn’t think it was too bad. I was kind of expecting standardized tests like that to be annoying and hard in the first place.
-sophomore Tobin Gevelber
I want my six hours back.
-sophomore Adela Miller
I thought it was misleading and a mistake that they didn’t tell us it wasn’t the practice for the ACT test. If I had taken it knowing what it was, I would have been much happier, but instead I took a five hour test that I thought was going to be a three hour ACT practice test.
-sophomore Scott Svensson