Tiger Question: Homework-free Weekend

The Newtonite

by Maya Metser
Tiger Question: What are your thoughts about the homework-free weekend?
There should be more of them. It was really nice and relaxing.
—freshman Sloan Ackerley 
It was wonderful, stress-free, and allowed for more time for family and friends.
—freshman Alex Crystal
Some teachers didn’t follow the rules. They also assigned extra homework on Monday that was ten times more than what we usually get.
—freshman Valeria Dountcheva
Instead of giving no homework, teachers gave more homework and had it due on Wednesday.
—freshman David Rodriguez
There should be more homework-free weekends.
—sophomore Maja Burch
Two thumbs up. Five stars. I didn’t do anything. It was awesome.
—sophomore Ross Friedman
The teachers definitely followed the rule. I got to go to bed on time, so it was helpful.
—junior Mirabelle Espady
I thought it was really great. We should have one every term.
—junior Sam Goldstein
I thought it worked really well. There’s definitely a problem when teachers assign more homework before and after the homework-free weekend.
—junior Amy Huang
I thought it wasn’t good because we just had a lot due the next day.
—senior Nathan Buchwald
I didn’t have any homework. It was enjoyable to have no stress.
—senior Will Gerald
I liked it. It was a fun weekend.
—senior Alex Leighton
I liked it. I think a lot of students—especially seniors who found it was a good time to catch up on college stuff.
—senior Katie Nugent