Tiger Question: Trick-or-Treating

The Newtonite

Question: Do you think high schoolers are too old for trick-or-treating? Why?
It might look weird but there’s really no age limit.
—freshman Kelly Barbieri 
When you get older, you do it more for the social aspect rather than the candy.
—freshman Eva Checkoway
No, no, no. It’s fun.
—freshman Shriya Shinde 
Some people just do it for the candy, but it’s also just fun.
—freshman Hannah Siegenberg
Not, it’s good exercise.
—freshman Emma Ross
I say no because it’s really fun. I wouldn’t necessarily go, but we’re not too old.
—sophomore Ellie Kharasch
No, because its fun, and it’s for kids. It’s just a tradition.
—sophomore Emily Szeto
I don’t think we’re too old for trick-or-treating. It’s for kids, and we’re still considered kids to a lot of adults. We’re really busy during the week and we deserve one night to have fun whether that means trick-or-treating, watching scary movies, or going to parties. I don’t see anyone getting judged [for trick-or-treating].
—junior Annika Vahalia
No, because who said there was an age limit? Especially because it’s in the nighttime, it’s more of an older-kid atmosphere. Who said we’re too old for fun?
—senior Reid Davis
With all the stress, it’s good to have some fun and be a child again. But at the same time, it’s also fun to stay home and give kids candy.
—senior Kavish Gandhi
We’re children at heart. Just because we’re old doesn’t mean we can’t have fun and dress up and get candy.
—senior Ting-Han Tarn
I think yes for two reasons. It’s a holiday for little kids, and it’s something we should preserve. Also the motivation to get candy doesn’t really exist for us anymore. It’s like the tooth fairy. The only reason to go would be for nostalgia.
—senior Eli Schwamm