Tiger Question: Predicting the Future

The Newtonite

Tiger Question: Where do you see yourself in 20 years?
I’ll be an underwear model.
—freshman Benny Baton 
I’ll have a small family and a job, probably a teacher or a psychiatrist. And I’ll be living in my own house.
—freshman Deirdre Boyer 
I’m going to be a ghost buster.
—freshman Aidan Leary
I’ll be the author of a best-selling book.
—freshman Lucas Long
I’ll have two little kids and a well-paying job. I’ll live in a house in the suburbs.
—freshman Jessie Yang 
I’ll be a professional scuba diver, and I’m going to have five houses. One in Fiji, one in New Zealand, one in Whistler, one in Los Angeles, and one in Manhatten.
—freshman Jack Skerlj 
I see myself as the Wolf of Wall Street.
—freshman Will Thompson 
Hopefully there’s a man in there somewhere, he’ll be the stay-at-home mom. And I’ll be a millionaire. Maybe I’ll have cured cancer or the peanut allergy thing because it’s such an issue at schools.
—sophomore Leah Dreyfus
Inside the Minnie Mouse costume in Disney World on a sunny day.
—sophomore Julianna Lakomski 
I’m either going to be a CEO at a company or an FBI agent.
—senior Melissa Hurwitz
I see myself having a successful job and a family.
—senior Sammi Jiang
I don’t want to predict a future for myself.
—senior Ben Porter
I’m going to have a dog.
—senior Nicole Quinn