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High School Bucket List


50. Actually read a One School One Book.

49. Try every flavor of cupcake at Bread and Chocolate.

48. Go to the big musical.

47. Skip class to go to one of the on campus presentations you’ve always wanted to see.

46. Go to cheer on one of the sports teams that usually doesn’t get fans.

spongentott45. Go to a Spontaneous Generation performance.

44. Go to a school dance that isn’t prom or Jprom.

43. Bring a waffle iron and batter to homeroom breakfast.

42. Hack someone’s Facebook in the Library Learning Commons.

41. Go without social media for a weekend.

40. Try the most disgusting-looking food from the cafeteria.

39. Find the only remaining black board in the school.

costumestott38. Come to school in costume and pretend it’s for a team spirit day.

37. Wake and bake (we’re talking about cookies, here.)

36. Give up your computer in the library to someone who is actually trying to work.

35. Go back and visit your middle school teachers.

34. Make a Burn Book.

33. Crash the teachers’ free ice cream day at the Tiger’s Loft.

32. Actually do a set of IDs.

31. Eat outside on a sunny day.

30. Find a way onto the roof.

29. Sleep at school overnight.

28. Run down Main Street naked.

27. Actually memorize the schedule.

26. Get pizza delivered to a classroom.

25. Get photographed for Humans of Newton North.

24. Go to IHOP at 1 a.m.

23. Prompose to someone.

22. Tell a teacher how much their class meant to you.

21. Have a marathon of all your favorite childhood movies.

20. Fail an assignment or test.

19. Learn how to do your own laundry.

18. Buy someone coffee without them asking you for it.

17. Friend at least one teacher on Facebook (and have them accept).

16. Change all the backgrounds on the library computers.

15. Go to the senior physics phloat races.

14. Make a time capsule.

13. Skinny dip in the pool.

12. Use a smart board to watch a movie with your friends.

11. Finally get into the Tiger’s Loft for lunch.

10. Finish your junior thesis (on a topic you really love).

9. Play on the Wii in the cafeteria.

8. Kidnap South’s mascot.

7. Have your own senior skip day.

6. Go with the Sixth Man to an away game.

nordictott5. Write something on the field after it snows.

4. Go back and visit your elementary school teachers.

3. Get on a first-name basis with a teacher.

2. Read a Newtonite issue cover to cover.

1. Graduate!

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