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Review: Nitrous finishes the Theatre Ink season


by Maya Abou-Rizk
Imagine watching a collection of comedies in one sitting. Dozens of comedies for the price of one!
“Nitrous Oxide” is a collection of comedic, student written sketches, directed by senior Ezra Duilt-Greenberg and junior Natalie Tereshchenko.
The show will run Thursday, June 5 and Saturday, June 7, in the Little Theater at 7:30 p.m.
One of the first sketches is based on the infamous chain e-mails that many audience members can relate to. Tereshchenko is caught by one of her friends for not forwarding this e-mail to “10-15 of [her] prettiest, most beautiful friends,” and now, will suffer a miserable fate. More and more of the Nitrous cast runs up to her, announcing her next fate.
The last person to come up to Tereshchenko is the comedic sophomore Julia Ansolabehere playing Tereshchenko’s grandmother. She enters the stage comforting her soon-to-be dead, three-headed, kiss-less granddaughter, but unexpectedly yells at Tereshchenko for not forwarding her e-mail, which adds a comedic twist and left the audience bursting in laughter.
Another relatable sketch was set before a surprise party. Seven cast members hid behind chairs, patiently awaiting the arrival of the birthday girl. The cast-members continued to sneeze, cough, answer their phones: small interruptions that broke the silence.
This hilarious sketch brought the audience back to elementary school days to when kids would try to quiet smaller interruptions with an even louder “SHHH.” The audience was hysterical once the surprise was ruined because all the cast members had passed out from yelling “SHHH” so many times after the interruptions.
Although the show was moderately “adult” for some, including sketches about prostitution and an invention of “Siri for Women,” a sketch in the second act could reach out to all audiences.
Three cast members, Tereshchenko, senior Hannah Gallogly, and junior Dominic Bosco sat at imaginary computers taking “BuzzFeed quizzes.” All three would excitedly take the same quiz and compare answers, agreeing that if they were to be a breakfast food, the quiz was right, they would be “scrambled eggs.” Tereshenko, however, would somehow always get “wet toast” as her answer—no matter what the question involved. This spin on a familiar website will have the audience with tears in their eyes.
Overall, the show will leave anyone with stomach pains and mouth cramps from laughing so hard, so be warned, Nitrous Oxide is a show like no other.
Tickets are available at lunch and on for $7.

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