Preview: Jubilee Singers will become "Something Greater"


The Newtonite

by Jessica Tharaud
Featuring alumnus Alexei Paraschos, gospel choir Jubilee Singers will perform their spring concert “Something Greater” at 4:00 p.m. Sunday in the auditorium.
The end of this year will mark the end of Jubilee’s fifteenth year as a group in this school, and this concert will commemorate the occasion by returning to classic songs that the group is known for, according to director Sheldon Reid.
Reid said that he is excited that through this concert, Jubilee is “honoring and featuring one of our alumni who has given a lot to the choir” and that the group’s fifteenth anniversary is a special milestone.
Paraschos’s upcoming first album, called “Something Greater,” provides the name for the concert as his music will be showcased throughout.
Included in the lineup will be three songs written by Paraschos for choir and three songs from his album with Paraschos singing a solo.
Sophomore Elise Hausman, a member of the choir, said that the concert will entertain the audience because it will be “insanely energetic” and will “put people in a good and hopeful mood.”
As the last performance for the many seniors in Jubilee, this concert will be heartfelt. The singers are a “tight-knit family,” said senior Hannah Gallogly, a member of the choir. “For a lot of us, this is our last time singing in Jubilee.”
Gallogly added that the specialty of Jubilee can be seen in how “enthralled” the singers are with the music. “I’m personally just excited to spend a few more hours up on that stage singing with everybody.
Tickets are $5 for students and $10 for adults, sold at the door.