Tiger Question: Majestic Creatures

The Newtonite

by Maya Metser
Tiger Question: If you could be any majestic creature, what would it be and why?
I would be a dragon because I could breathe fire.
—freshman Fred King
I would want to be a unicorn because I would stab people with my horn.
—freshman Rose Labadini
I would be that bull thing—a minotaur. It would be sick.
—senior Tyler Beltran-Harris
I would be a faun because I would want to play the pan flute and shake it for all the faun ladies.
—senior Max Brandl
I would be a unicorn because they’re really respected, and they’re so rare that when people see me they would be mesmerized.
—senior Charlie Goldberg
I would be a unicorn because they are majestic and rainbow and beautiful.
—senior Sarah Katz
I would be Haberly Kahn.
—senior Julia Wang
Being able to stop time, so I can take a break when life get’s too crazy or just to take a break from the fast moving world.
—senior Jessica Wansiewicz
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