Obituary: Rozanne Milner leaves legacy of compassion

The Newtonite

by Peter Diamond

Ms. Rozanne Milner, born Rozanne Maserow in 1953 in South Africa, died Tuesday, March 18 at age 60. She had been a nurse at this school since 2001, after working at Williams and Burr Elementary Schools.

According to her colleague of 12 years, nurse Debbie Donovan, Ms. Milner was “fun, loving, kind—all the great qualities.”

Donovan fondly remembers working alongside Ms. Milner and retired nurse Kathleen Walsh.

“We all worked as a team,” said Donovan. “We were a really great team. It’s like the years just run into each other, but if I had to guess, we worked together for seven years.”

According to Donovan, Ms. Milner was notable for her passion and caring nature.

“She would always give 110 percent,” said Donovan. “You could ask her for anything.”

Both as a friend of Ms. Milner and as a healthcare professional, Donovan recognizes the difficulty that a school community faces when coping with loss.

“We can do it if we all support each other,” she said. “I always like it when people come down and just say ‘hi,’ or ‘how are you doing?’”

Ms. Milner is survived by her husband of 38 years, Lawrence Lockie Milner; her daughters Sara Gampel and Ariella Iversen; and her son Jonathan Milner.

According to Donovan, Ms. Milner also leaves at this school the legacy of “all her knowledge, helpfulness, bright smile, and just being such a compassionate person.”

According to Ms. Milner’s obituary in The Boston Globe, graveside ceremonies were held at the Beth El Cemetery in West Roxbury.