Tiger Question: Plans for April break

Tiger Question: Plans for April break

The Newtonite

by Maya Metser

Tiger Question: What are your plans for April break?

I’m going to New Orleans.

—freshman Zoe Birnhak

I may go to New York with my mom, but I think I’m just going to stay at home and do some art projects.
—freshman Izzy Tils

I’m working at City Pizza and dancing.

—sophomore Kendal Holland

 I’ll be sleeping, hanging out, and getting tan. if it’s nice out, I’ll go to the beach.

—sophomore Danya Vankooima

 I’ll probably sit at home. I might go on college tours.

—junior Arten Aleksanyan

 I’m going to Miami.

—junior Owen Boucher

 I’m all about baseball this break.

—junior Christian Cox

 I’m going to a resort with my family in Jamaica.

—junior Chrissy Delyani

 I’m college visiting, but everything else is really up in the air.

—senior Sophie Sokolov

 I’m studying for the APs and hopefully handing out outside and getting out on the Charles.

—senior Brewster Taylor

I’m going to Coachella in California. It’s a music festival.
—senior Sophia White