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Review: "Spontaneous Generation" allows audience to participate

The Cast of SponGen after a light hearted game of Do-Run-Run

by Jessica Tharaud

Improvisational comedy show “Spontaneous Generation,” left audiences laughing yesterday after the opening night. The troupe began their run last night, and will perform a different show every night tonight through Saturday at 7:30 p.m. in the little theatre.

Last night’s show opened with a skit satirizing the popular television dating show “The Bachelor,” making fun of the premise that contestants will find love. The Bachelor, played by junior Daniel Ruttenberg, arbitrarily sent people home without getting to know them and wanted to give the final rose to himself.

Next, twins with Boston accents who supposedly could read each other’s minds came up with song names for other cast members to sing, including a rap called “Lullaby for Yodels” and a love song from the album Potaters.

Later, the iconic game “Da Doo Run Run” used one syllable names chosen by the audience, which cast members then had to rhyme in a song. After each mistake, someone was eliminated from the game until the final two squared off.

The cast left looking for their “promposal” while the audience chose ten different locations and jobs. When the troupe returned, they created skits based around the locations and jobs, making for some very entertaining situations. One of the funniest took place in France, where senior Steven Kelly uttered the hilarious line “I want to stand way too close to you” in a thick French accent as he moved uncomfortably close to junior Natalie Tereshchenko.

After a 20 minute intermission, the comedy troupe returned, entering as guests at a bar mitzvah and bringing back popular characters like junior Jelani Asim as a frog who threatened to steal the bar mitzvah boy’s money “in multiples of eighteen.”

For the last part of the show, Kelly interviewed a man from the audience about his life, learning that he and his sister would pretend to be crows as children and that all he wanted in the future was to play his banjo, remember song lyrics, and to have a large chicken coop.

Immediately afterward, the cast members enacted their version of the man’s life as a musical, singing about PG, or pretty good, parties and learning how to cook. The audience clapped enthusiastically along as the cast joined together to sing a catchy song made up on the spot.

Overall, Spontaneous Generation was an exciting and fun show that never had a dull moment.

Tickets are sold out for the next three nights, but there is a wait list available.

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