Newtonite Quiz: February

The Newtonite

by Maya Metser

How well have you been reading the Newtonite? Take this quiz to find out!

1. Who directed last week’s theatre production, Book of Days?

a. senior Will Champion and junior Jonathan Gomolka

b. seniors Mackenzie Dreese and Steven Kelly

c. Spanish teacher Daniel Fabrizio

d. English teacher Lanford Wilson


2. What was the score of the girls’ basketball game this week against Brookline?

a. 45-36 Brookline

b. 57-24 North

c. 54-27 North

d. 66-43 North


3. Who won best delegate at the HMUN (Harvard Model United Nation) conference last weekend?

a. senior Riley Heiman

b. senior Paroma Mallick

c. junior Daniel Ruttenberg

d. senior Philip Smith


4. Why did congressman Joe Kennedy visit this school?

a. to meet principal Jennifer Price

b. to make a speech in the auditorium about being a congressman

c. to visit students and teachers involved in vocational programs and science classes

d. because he loves Newton North!


5. What was the score of boy’s basketball against Newton South at TD Garden?

a. 79-52 North

b. 68-65 South

c. 70-57 South

d. 79-49 North


6. After the boys’ basketball victory against Brookline, what is their overall record?

a. 14-2

b. 12-1

c. 13-3

d. 7-9


7. What was the name of last Saturday’s Jubilee’s concert?

a. “Never Say Never”

b. “One More Time”

c. “Look to Me”

d. There was no name



1) c

2) c

3) a

4) c

5) d

6) a

7) b