This school sends 10 delegates to Harvard Model United Nations


The Newtonite

by Jake Sims Speyer
This school’s Model United Nations sent 10 delegates to participate alongside over 3000 other students from around the world at the annual Harvard Model United Nations (HMUN) conference last weekend.
“Overall, the conference featured many strong performances by this school’s delegates,” said senior Riley Heiman, the secretary general. Heiman won best delegate, one of the top honors at HMUN.
Heiman attended HMUN along with seniors Terry Altherr, Adam Kirschner, Paroma Mallick, Philip Smith, juniors Chloe Amouyal and Daniel Ruttenberg, who are under-secretary generals, as well as juniors Noah Carlen and Haley Ring, and sophomore Young Oh.
This school’s delegates were dispersed in six different committees, including four Economic and Social Council committees (ECOSOC), a Non-Governmental Organization, and a Joint Crisis committee on the Falkland Islands.
Ruttenberg participated in the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ), an ECOSOC which dealt with criminal and juvenile justice and punishment. “We discussed how to prevent people from committing crimes using historically successful and creative means,” Ruttenberg said.
According to Heiman,“We all got an enormous amount of experience out of the conference.” Heiman hopes that everyone will utilize the experience that they gained at HMUN.
“It’s hard to find someone who went who didn’t learn a lot,” agreed Ruttenberg.