Tiger Question: Why do students procrastinate?

Tiger Question: Why do students procrastinate?

The Newtonite

by Maya Metser

Every kid knows what it’s like to procrastinate. Let’s be honest, we’ve all done it! Most students had very similar answers (Because we’re lazy…), but some had more interesting things to say. Check out these students’ answers to the question “Why do students procrastinate?”

“Probably because they think if they wait and put it off because there’s not that much work, they can wait until late at night to do it.”

—freshman Andrew Hastings

“Either they are lazy or they feel like their work is not as important as it really is.”

—sophomore Sean Buonomo

“Because there are more fun things to do than homework, or because they don’t like the class.”

—sophomore Lily Homberg

“That’s a really tough question. I think most of the time, they feel overwhelmed and people push things off when they are overwhelmed.”

—sophomore Sammy LeBrasseur

“Probably because they know they have more time on their hands.”

—junior Nick Norton

“Deadlines don’t scare me because teachers let us put things off.”

—senior Judith Gibson-Okunieff

“Because there are different parts of the brain that always tell you to get instant satisfaction.”

—senior Steve Hagen

“The internet provides information that’s more interesting than homework. Your only motivation to do work comes when the assignment is due the next day.”

—senior Liza Layer