Editorial: Students should stay on campus

The Newtonite

At the beginning of the school year, the cafeteria was a bland, empty space with sub-par food that usually got thrown away and inconsistent service that could take a while. It wasn’t the kind of place you could quickly stop into to pick up a drink or snack. Since January, the overall quality of the cafeteria has strengthened.
It started with Whitsons School Nutrition takeover of food services. Then, the snack bar went in, stocked with Seattle’s Best coffee, Starbucks beverages, slushy drinks, ice cream and other snacks.
Around the same time, an extra pin pad was put in at all the cash registers, speeding up checkouts.
And the long-anticipated Moobella ice cream that was recently installed is open throughout the whole school day, as is the snack bar.
All of these new installments should encourage students to stay on campus during lunch and free blocks.
Freshmen and first semester sophomores are not permitted to leave campus during these times, but that doesn’t seem to stop many kids. Newtonville is an ever-tempting place for students.
The most desirable place in Newtonville seems to be Starbucks––a caffeine-driven underclassman can’t be stopped by a weakly enforced rule. But, students shouldn’t feel they need to leave campus to get good coffee, food and service.
It used to be that when a student found out he had a cancelled class, he would immediately think to go to Newtonville. There wasn’t much to stick around for at school, and it’s only a quick walk down Walnut Street.
But now, students should consider staying on campus to enjoy the food that’s offered at this school. There are plenty of options, most of them cheaper than in Newtonville.
Students should look at the food selection here before deciding to go to Newtonville.
Next time you’re thinking of walking down to Newtonville during lunch or a free block to get food, consider the benefits of staying on campus.