Nordic values unity, camaraderie

The Newtonite

by MacKenzie Silvia
Nordic ski team is prepared for a competitive season, according to coach Bryan Collier.
Collier is coach with assistant Anna Ford.
The captains are seniors Ned Martenis, Rafi Razzaque, Brewster Taylor, and Kelly Wang.
The team hopes to be recognized for their sportsmanship, according to Collier.
“For many of the student athletes, our goal is for them to have fun and experience a supportive team atmosphere,” Ford said.
Taylor predicts a strong season, with everybody working hard to reach their potential.
Collier said, “It has been really fun to have some new faces on the team and bring them into our goofy ski family.”
Razzaque said, “We have historically been known as a family, and the team chemistry this year has not failed to deliver.
“We’re looking for that strong bond in order to have more experienced skiers teach the newer ones who are less comfortable on their skis.”
Collier said, “I believe that we have a great group of determined student-athletes. We could be in contention to win the Mass Bay-East Division title.”
In their first meet, the boys came in second to Wellesley, and the girls came in third to Dover-Sherborn and Wellesley.