Preview: 'Bad Seed' to tell thrilling story

The Newtonite

Currently, a 1950s-style living room stands in the little theatre. The cast and crew of “Bad Seed” by Maxwell Anderson, which goes up Wednesday through Saturday at 7:30 p.m., are currently transforming the little theatre into Valdosta, Georgia.

Directed by Ezra Dulit-Greenberg and Simon Wolfe, this psychological thriller illustrates the events leading up to the downfall of Christine Penmark, the mother of a quaint Southern family played by senior Juliet Roll, as her family becomes connected to local murders in an unusual way—through Christine’s mysterious eight-year-old daughter Rhoda, played by sophomore Ellie Strayer.

But despite tensions that exist in the text of this darkly comedic horror story, the cast has become connected. According to senior Deedee Elbieh, an actor in the production, “Everyone bonded so strongly and has become really comfortable with each other, which has really played off in our chemistry on stage.”

A co-actor of Elbieh, junior Nellie Rogers, echoed her sentiments, saying, “I just feel like the ties between my cast and my directors are so strong, and that is obvious onstage. Affecting one another onstage is one of the most important parts of theatre, and if one can do it well enough, you’ve got a great show.”

The directors look forward to sending the audience on the same emotional journey as the cast. According to Dulit-Greenberg, “The audience can expect to laugh, cry, and be terrified too. You’ll stay on the edge of your seats.”

Tickets are $7 and sold at all lunches and on the Theatre Ink’s website.