Tiger Question: What do you think the fox says?

The Newtonite

by Robin Donohoe

You must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard the song “The Fox” (What Does the Fox Say?). This extremely simple song was written by the Norwegian comedy group, Ylvis. In spirit of this song, some of the brilliant minds behind the Newtonite thought of the idea to ask students throughout the school the million dollar question: what does the fox say? If you have never seen the song . . . watch it, but also know that the chorus is made up of the question “what does the fox say” along with a bunch of made up sounds that could possibly be considered an animal sound.

So . . . what does the fox say?

  •  “Hahahah I don’t know” -senior Juliet Roll
  • “Whatever it wants to say” -senior Alex Shames
  • “Get money” -junior James Fair
  • “Foxes have a distinctive dog like yip” -junior Aiden O’Neal
  • “Fox means marijuana from wherever that guy is from” -junior Shira Stonehill
  • “Ring ding a ding ding galing screet screet screetaly” -sophomore Jackson Bunis
  • “Ha-key ha-key ha-key ho” -sophomore Swabira May
  • “I’m scary?” -sophomore Ellie Strayer
  • “Ra ding ding” -freshman Isinsu Bastepe
  • “Wow- pow- pow- pow- pow- pow- pow” -freshman Gabe Jasper

Some people answered the question literally, either giving a sound or explanation of the sound, and others . . . I don’t even know what they were thinking with their responses. Comment with your answer to the question, “What does the fox say?”