Mayor speaks with students about local issues

The Newtonite

by Amanda Hills
Today X-block, about 15 members of Up-Close, this school’s government club, met with mayor Setti Warren in room 473 to discuss local politics.
Warren began by sharing a bit about his background in government––he reflected on his years working with John Kerry’s campaign and as regional director of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). He then provided students with a glimpse at the internal workings of Newton, and shared his strategies to increase efficiency and limit waste within the city.
He also discussed the override vote, which will take place Tuesday, March 12. He expressed the necessity of this override, explaining that it will increase taxes in order to provide much-needed funding to infrastructure, schools and other public works.
Junior Dan Elsen-Rooney, an officer with juniors Steven Kelly and Russell Petry, said that they first contacted the mayor’s office in January. Elsen-Rooney said that Warren is “one of the most important representatives that can provide an insight to city-wide issues.”
He added that in order to maintain a natural flow in the conversation, the officers did not want to introduce the topics themselves, but rather allow all club members to ask questions so as to “probe deeply” into the issues and “achieve a greater understanding of how the city runs.”

State representative Kay Kahn will be speaking with the club, and Elsen-Rooney said that the officers are also hoping to host Scott Brown or senator Elizabeth Warren. “We are open to any speaker that can shine light upon local political issues.” he said.