All school sports deserve appreciation


The Newtonite

by Jared Perlo
Across the state, the Tigers are known as a formidable force across many sports, having stellar teams that regularly advance to the playoffs and usually pass several rounds of postseason play.
Some of this school’s successful sports are well-known and celebrated, such as football and basketball, and rightfully so. They provide a friendly environment for students to cheer on their classmates, such as this school’s famed Sixth Man basketball fan section that travels to games and provides the Tigers with a welcome boost of energy.
However, many of this school’s sports teams go largely unnoticed. Smaller sports, such as gymnastics or cross-country skiing, are rarely mentioned by students, and few students attend these meets to cheer on their fellow Tigers. This attitude of ignorance and indifference must be changed, for these sports deserve more than than the paltry showing of fans they currently get.

Both of these teams are increasing in both talent and success, and their improvement deserves to be recognized by the student body. The gymnastics team had its first victory in nine years, and the cross country ski team has a chance to win their first league title in many years.

Students’ apathy towards these improving and determined teams, albeit smaller than other more popular sports, should be turned into a pride extending to all of this school’s sports.

Granted, it is much harder to venture out to the cross country skiing course to watch a race than it is to sit in the bleachers for a basketball game. This harder access, however, is no excuse for a lack of interest on behalf of the student body. A Tiger victory is a Tiger victory, and students should be just as excited for a gymnastics win as they are for a basketball victory, even if the crowd size is currently disproportionate.

Students should treat smaller, developing teams with all of the respect that their recent success and progress deserve while these smaller sports still exist.