New, experienced nordic skiers make balanced team

The Newtonite

by Jay Feinstein
Snowstorms have the potential to make it harder to travel, and they often destroy trees and property.
However, the December snow storm was a highlight of nordic’s season so far, according to senior Rosanna Gessel-Larson, a captain with seniors Yarden Gavish, Nick Roberts and Julia Schiantarelli
For the first time in two years, the team was able to ski on “the flats,” a part of the course at Weston Ski Track that is usually closed due to a lack of snow. It made the course bigger, so there was more room. “It was very, very exciting,” Gessel-Larson said. “Most of the snow has melted now, but hopefully we’ll have some more later in the season.”
Another highlight of the season so far is the team’s balance between young and experienced members. “We’ve had a lot of new members this year, and it’s great because the new members are good for continuing the team and the returning members are good for teaching the new members,” she said.
In addition, all of the members have a lot of enthusiasm and spirit, she said. “New members are trying really hard to learn how to ski, and at times, it can be frustrating and difficult, but everybody is making a ton of progress.”
Two races into its season, the team members has been working hard, according to Gessel-Larson.
The first was a race, Wednesday, Jan. 2 at Weston Ski track, where the skiers “got some practice competing” without it counting toward their record, and the second was Thursday, where the skiers “improved from the practice race,” she said.
Both meets were against all teams in the league: Brookline, Wellesley, Dover-Sherborn and South. Future meets will all be against the same teams.
According to Gessel-Larson, the boys won the Thursday race because of junior Rafi Razzaque’s first place finish, and the girls placed second behind Dover Sherborn.
Standouts included senior Helen Maunsell, who “did exceptionally well during her first varsity race” and senior Caroline Loftus, who “had a difficult fall but was able to finish the race,” Gessel-Larson said.
She said the best part of Thursday’s meet was that every member of the team finished the race. “It may not seem like a big accomplishment, but for new skiers, it can be a struggle,” she said.