Column: Learn art of compromise

The Newtonite

by Connor Vasu

Current dysfunction in Washington can teach students at this school about the fine art of compromise.

If Congress cannot reach a compromise on the fiscal cliff, the country faces billions of dollars of cuts in programs like the military, education and Medicare. Analysts predict the country could fall into another recession if the country lets the cuts pass without any sort of a deal. A compromise is vital to the future fiscal health of our country.

Cuts in education could affect our school system, which has had to make many cuts to the budget already.

Although compromise is an important life skill, it seems as if our most prominent politicians need to be the ones to learn it. Congress has not even passed a budget for the last three years, one of the most integral parts of their job. If Congress makes a compromise and gets a deal done, they can prove that they have grown up in this regard.

Compromise affects students in this school and people in real life. If one cannot compromise with other students in a group project, then it will fall apart. Likewise, if our politicians cannot compromise on this huge group project, then it will fall apart.

If our representatives cannot get a deal done, it would be just another blow to the dying art of compromise.