Seniors place fourth at debate tournament

The Newtonite

by Amanda Hills
Seniors Aneesh Anand and Zach Rosenof came in fourth place in the Speech and Debate Showdown at Lincoln-Sudbury Saturday.
Over 90 teams participated in the meet and debated whether “the United States should prioritize tax increases over spending cuts,” according to Anand. Students prepared for both sides of the argument. This school sent 12 students, who competed in pairs.
There were four rounds of the tournament, and a panel of judges selected the winning team for each round. Anand said that the judges also evaluated the debaters individually and awarded them up to 30 points. Debaters’ points have not yet been disclosed.
Anand said that winning fourth place was “actually pretty surprising” and that he and Rosenof did not think they would make it that far in the competition.
Rosenof, a debate team captain with senior Jordan Ecker, added that he won fifth place in the tournament last year and was not expecting to improve his score this year. “It gives me hope that we can do even better as the year goes on,” he said.
Anand concluded, “It was an awesome tournament for us and this school’s team in general.”