JV girls' soccer finishes season with 11 shutouts

The Newtonite

by Jay Feinstein
Led by new coach Joseph Kayser, girls’ JV soccer finished a winning season, 13-2-2, with a whopping 11 shutouts.
“Highlights included a string of six straight games without giving up a goal, a 48-10 goal differential and bouncing back from a crushing loss in our second game of the season to win nine straight games,” Kayser said.
He attributes the success to accomplishing all of the season goals. “We wanted to have all of our players play two-way soccer and give 110 percent every time we stepped on the field,” he said. “We wanted to play the game with class and respect the team we were playing as well as the game of soccer.”
Kayser said the team “accomplished all of our goals and even went above and beyond being successful.”
Team unity was another strength of the team. “We had 17 girls that went out every game and played their hearts out for each other,” Kayser said.
According to sophomore Charlotte Feldman, a captain with sophomore Mackenzie Silvia and freshman Alexia Perides, “We worked very well as a whole and always encouraged each other to be the best we could.
“We were more connected as a whole this year, which really helped our playing.”
She attributes the team’s success to the fact that “we all made a full commitment to the team and tried our best all the time.
“Our team also had great chemistry together which made it easier and as if everyone was playing for the team and not just for themself.”