Parent accepts surprise wedding proposal at Thanksgiving football game

The Newtonite

by Samantha Libraty
Thanks to a flash mob and a wedding proposal, this year’s Thanksgiving football game against Brookline was particularly memorable.
During half-time Thursday, Kevin Ferguson proposed to South French teacher Suzanne DeRobert, who is senior Audrey Derobert’s mother, while the dance team, cheerleading squad and other students danced to Chris Brown’s “Forever” on the multi-purpose field.
After students began dancing, Ferguson appeared in a George the Tiger costume. While the group formed a circle around Suzanne DeRobert and Ferguson, he took off the tiger head and got down on one knee.
Suzanne DeRobert said she was very surprised by the proposal, and she accepted it.
Audrey Derobert and Ferguson thought of the proposal plan Tuesday night, she said. They then asked athletic department head Tom Giusti for permission, and he said that it would be great to do the proposal during half-time.
The entire dance team, cheerleading squad and many friends knew about the plan in advance, according to Audrey Derobert.
Ferguson said, “I know she loves to dance, and I wanted to do something special. A professional cameraman and friend of my brother captured the whole thing on video.”