Preview: 'Coastal Disturbances' to exhibit unique set

The Newtonite

[media-credit name=”Paulina Romero” align=”alignleft” width=”248″] Juniors Ezra Dulit-Greenberg and Jordy Elbieh act out a scene between their characters, Leo and Holly.
by Leah Budson
One might wonder what giant bags of sand are doing in the middle of the little theatre.
The sand is part of the set for “Coastal Disturbances,” a comedic play which takes place on a New England beach, according to seniors Jack Reibstein and Nick Rodriguez, the directors. The show will go up Wednesday, Dec. 5 through Saturday, Dec. 8.

In addition to the sand, the set will consist of a life guard chair and the backdrop of a New England sky.

Senior Amalia Sweet, who is designing the set, said, “The set is sort of a giant sandbox.

“I really like the idea of the sand because it is so fundamental to the feel of a beach.”

Sweet explained that there are some elements of the play that could not have been achieved with a painted floor. “Sand is really tactile, and many characters play in it, particularly the children. One character even is buried in the sand,” said Sweet.

Reibstein hopes that the familiar New England landscape supplied by the sand, in addition to the relatable theme, will help the audience connect with the show, he said.
“The show revolves around conquering the uphill battle of loving someone, whether it be a mother and a son or a budding relationship,” said Reibstein.

Holly, a character in the show, is a perfect example of the “uphill battle of loving someone” that Reibstein had described.

Junior Jordy Elbieh plays Holly, “a young, slightly eccentric woman,” she said.

“Holly came to the beach hoping to unwind from the exhaustion of her career and a dysfunctional relationship, only to be caught up in an entirely new emotional whirlwind after meeting Leo, the lifeguard,” she said.

According to Elbieh, “Throughout the show we see Holly frantically trying to escape the potential feelings between her and Leo. Finally, she succumbs to her feelings and has to handle what comes after.”

Elbieh recently moved to this school, so she said “I am super psyched for the show because it’s my first show with Theatre Ink.”

Reibstein echoed Elbieh’s excitement for the production. “I’m excited about every aspect of this show, from the performances to the costumes,” he said.