Tiger Question: What was your most unusual Thanksgiving experience?

The Newtonite

[media-credit name=”Julia Moss” align=”alignleft” width=”300″] One year, sophomore Julia Techler’s Thanksgiving meal was accidentally set on fire.
compiled by Julia Moss
“One Thanksgiving, my cousin decided to put his dog under the table to surprise everyone during dinner.”
—freshman Isabella Fierimonte
“I was forced to eat sweet potatoes as a child.”
—freshman Linnea Hartwick
“I once spent the holiday with a friend who eats lasagna instead of turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.”
—sophomore Alex Klavens
“One time, one of the candlesticks on my table fell over and set a bowl of dried corn on fire. We spent the Thanksgiving dinner putting the fire out.”
—sophomore Julia Techler
“We lost power at one Thanksgiving when I was little. I forget how we even cooked. We just sort of heated up what we had by the fireplace and gave up on the turkey. The house was full of people, and we were all eating by candlelight.”
—junior Mackey Howe
“I ate a whole pumpkin pie, and fell asleep at the table.”
—junior Eric Weiss
“One year, my mom tried to make this special stuffing thing, and it exploded in the oven. We ended up spending the entire Thanksgiving cleaning up the stuffing!”
—senior Nora Elghazzawi
“My aunt undercooks the turkey every single year.”
—senior Mio Medin